Hi, I'm Kristabelle but people call me Kris.

I'm a fresh graduate from Diploma in Visual Communication, Temasek Polytechnic, who is in the midst of exploring my passion for photography.

Due to my mother's influence when I was younger, photography used to mean to me as a way of documenting my life and the lives of my loved ones around me for memories sake. Eventually, it became a hobby of mine to photograph concerts of my favorite bands and school had made me realized that there is more to the art of photography than what I barely knew. My internship in Calibre Pictures and Ideas, was an eyeopener for me and it gave me a chance to experience what it was like in the industry. It rekindled my passion for photography and right now, I seek empowerment through the art of photography, where I can breathe my ideas to live, express my thoughts and make the impossible, possible.